NFT Collections

One of our main goals for Zero Citizen is to build a thriving community of like-minded individuals who all want to help drive the push to net zero. We have seen the success of NFT collections in doing this, allowing people to become a part of something bigger, by having an NFT in their wallet. Because of this, we are initially launching 2 NFT collections:

Our first collection - The Postcards (already minted) is a small collection of 55 postcards depicting various climate change events. Most of these have been given away to key members of the community as a thank you for their involvement to date. In addition to the excellent artwork, holders of these NFTs will gain the perks of the OG discord role as well as early access and reduced fees on our services.

Our main collection - The Zero Citizen Collection is a larger collection of 2050 unique artworks, also depicting climate change events. These pieces are designed to be showstoppers, that make the viewer think deeply about the world we call home. For every NFT that is sold, we will be planting 10 trees. We believe that this and the art alone are more than enough to make this project stand out.

The key to our NFTs is that they have real utility in their power to bring together our community and offer access to discounted services that allow users to balance their carbon emissions. The art alone is excellent, but we feel with this and all of the other features above, these NFTs will provide significant value to their holders.

Zero Citizen NFT holders will also gain access to the Citizens Club, we plan for this to include:

ā€¢ Access to our private token sale (subject to conditions) ā€¢ Discounts for: o Carbon Balance Service (become carbon neutral) o Carbon Credit Marketplace (trade tokenised carbon credits (NFTs)) o Renewable Energy Fractions (own fractions of solar PVs) ā€¢ Vote on community-related aspects of the company, such as philanthropical projects. ā€¢ Access to Zero Citizen partnered project products, services

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