The Output


We mentioned that in step 5, the user will receive a certification from us showing that now having followed our process to calculate and offset their carbon footprint via the purchase of carbon credits, they are now a net zero Citizen. We plan to offer various levels of certification, based on the users’ desire for auditability vs costs. You may have noted that, for the parts we have explained so far, we are relying on the idea that the users input correct information about themselves. We believe in the concept of self-certification, particularly given the scale and practicality of providing this service for individuals.

For our standard offering (aimed mainly at individuals) we will mint our β€˜Basic Certification’ NFT for the user, this NFT will certify that based on the information the user has provided, this user has fully offset their carbon emissions for the time period stated. In this instance, we do not currently have plans to audit this offering. In the early stages of operation, we plan to launch with only the Basic Certification but for the certification to have relevance over the long term, we must create a system of credibility around them and the best way to do this is via auditing the information that is used in our calculations. To solve this, we intend to have 2 additional levels, designed for individuals/organisations with the desire and capability to fully prove their commitment.

Premium Certification. This level of Certification is where the organisation/user has directly requested an audit, thereby guaranteeing that the information has been assessed by us and that they have provided accurate information. We expect this level to be used by larger organisations as it will naturally cost more due to the time and effort needed for the review.

We believe that these various options keep the ecosystem accessible, whilst ensuring that the Certifications we deliver have credibility.

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