Carbon Balance Service


The Carbon Balance Service is our minimum viable product offering, aiming to make it as easy as possible to verifiably become net zero using our Service.

Below, we have summarised the high-level workflow that a user will take whilst utilising the Carbon Balance Service:

User calculates their carbon footprint. We’re developing our own Carbon Emissions Calculator, which will have tailored settings for individuals, businesses/blockchain projects and blockchain stake pool operator (SPOs). Once the final calculations have been made, the user’s emissions will be totalled, and a price offered for them to utilise our Carbon Balance Service and subsequently become carbon neutral.

User completes transaction for Zero Citizen’s Carbon Balance Service. Users will be able to pay via traditional currencies (Β£/$/€ etc.), as well as select cryptocurrencies, including $ADA and our native $0CZN tokens.

Zero Citizen balances the user's carbon footprint using the carbon credits we have acquired.

User receives a guide on how to reduce their carbon footprint, as well as a list of renewable energy provider alternatives for their country.

Zero Citizen provides digital certification for users to display on their website/socials etc. Critically, this will also be available via the Cardano blockchain, providing all the benefits of decentralisation, immutability, and the ability to provide benefits to holders.

We will keep a record of calculated carbon footprints, which will make it easier to renew each time our service is used. We will also use this to reward users that have reduced their carbon footprint compared to their previous calculation.

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