Why Cardano?

With our mission in mind, selecting the correct blockchain was crucial and after considerable research, we believe that Cardano is the best blockchain to host our growing ecosystem.

Sustainability (Proof-Of-Stake)

There has been considerable criticism in recent years for the energy usage of Crypto Currencies, particularly those that use Proof-of-Work mining models such as that used by Bitcoin. Cardano utilises the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) model, which significantly reduces the environmental impact of β€œmining” Cardano’s official blockchain coin, $ADA, estimated to use ~99.95% less energy than the typical Proof-of-Work mining models currently used by Bitcoin (6) .

Efficient Transactions

Among the top reasons for using the Cardano blockchain is that it has deterministic transaction fees, which are also amongst the lowest cost and fastest of any decentralised blockchains. Having low and predictable fees (7) is a key element in ensuring the minimum possible barrier to entry for people wanting to engage with our offerings. When interacting with our systems, people need to know how much it will cost and have full confidence that the transaction will go through.

Secure, Decentralised and Scalable

Cardano has been one of the leading cryptocurrency blockchains for several years now and has a growing community currently across the 4.3 million active wallet addresses (8) . Cardano has implemented a number of features and strategies to improve its performance. One of the most significant is its use of a multi-layer architecture, which separates the computation layer from the settlement layer. This allows for more efficient and scalable processing of transactions whilst maintaining decentralisation.

Peer Reviewed Security

To ensure that the Zero Citizen ecosystem can operate at its maximum efficiency, we have to build on solid foundations. The peer-reviewed research and assurance provided with every element of work carried out by Input Output Group has meant that there has so far been no down-time or successful attacks against the Cardano Blockchain. Cardano has clearly been designed with considerable foresight which links in perfectly with our mission for Net Zero.

After thorough research, no other blockchain achieved all the necessary prerequisites to be deemed a suitable candidate for Zero Citizen to build on.

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