Despite substantial efforts, the current global initiatives fall short of achieving the 2050 Net Zero objective. Currently, the national climate plans of the 193 Parties to the Paris Agreement combined would result in an 11% increase in global greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2010 levels (1) . There is also a lack of economical incentivisation and drive to push towards a net zero future, which is where we intend to fill the gap by rewarding the end-users of zero-carbon products and services that contribute towards cutting emissions and combating climate change. Achieving Net Zero requires all governments, particularly the major emitters, to enhance their Nationally Determined Contributions and take prompt and decisive action to reduce emissions.

Whilst we fully support this top-down approach, we also believe that there is huge potential from a bottom-up, individual-led net-zero approach that would empower all of us, to balance our emissions. We believe that there is a significant number of people and small businesses that have a desire to do their part in making a positive impact on the environment and ensuring a sustainable future. These individuals and enterprises are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and playing a role in reaching the goal of net zero emissions, but often it is simply not possible to do this directly.

Our flagship offering, the Carbon Balance Service, provides an innovative solution to help individuals and businesses understand, reduce, and offset their carbon footprints. We have created user-friendly calculators that allow users to calculate their emissions in minutes. These calculations take into account various factors that contribute to emissions and provide a comprehensive overview of the user's carbon footprint. Users are then offered to offset their emissions through the purchase of Carbon Credits. By purchasing Carbon Credits, users can neutralize their emissions and achieve Net Zero status, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and mitigating the impact of their carbon footprint. Zero Citizen also provides a consultation service, working with businesses to calculate their scope 1, 2 and 3 footprints, and develop a Carbon Reduction Plan for immediate and long-term environmental impact reduction.

We are now developing its Renewable Energy Fractions, providing a zero-cost entry point for residential and commercial building owners to install solar PVs and provide cheap electricity for the building’s occupants. Enabling the public to share ownership of the solar PVs, owners will be rewarded based on the electricity sold.

This Whitepaper covers the key aspects of our upcoming products and the ecosystem that they will form. Upon reading this, you will gain insight into our identity, our objectives, and ways for you to participate. Please note that although the plans presented in the document have been carefully reviewed and analysed, there will likely be factors that could affect the actual implementation and outcome of those plans. It is possible that unforeseen circumstances, changes in the market or industry, or other external factors could impact the success of the plans outlined in the document.

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